Why Squircle?

Design is an art. If you've studied art, one of the first things you learn is that every object that exists in nature can be visually broken down into basic shapes. These basic shapes are the fundamentals of art. Examples of fundamental shapes include squares and circles. A person with artistic talent can combine these fundamental shapes in unique ways, resulting in something very pleasing to the eye. That is what the name Squircle represents. When you combine the fundamentals in an intricate fashion that only an artist can conjure up, you wind up with a solution that visually grabs people's attention.

Squircle Inc. wants to make your company stand out by utilizing this philosophy and incorporating it into every project. Through experience, Squircle has learned that visually pleasing things have a huge impact on attracting a persons attention. Having the words to market youself/business is a good start, but the words themselves will not grab a persons eye. You need to capture the viewer's attention in order to generate further interest.

About Squircle

Squircle Inc. has been designing web sites, brochures, business cards, newspaper ads, & logos since 1998. Squircle brings an unsurpassed professionalism to your business through our practical & artistic solutions for your advertising needs.


Please check back later for samples from our portfolio. Squircle Inc. is currently working on a new web site and will be updating it soon.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We want our customers to feel comfortable before they make any final decisions.

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